Live Social Platform

In the era of mobile technology, CybEye Live Social Platform provides most compelling features that enable a mobile live-streaming social network to build a vibrant online community.


Live24 is a mobile live-streaming app designed for young users to make new friends and build personal fan base.

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LiveGram is an app for global users. It has full features of video messaging app. You can watch the broadcasts or start your own live broadcasting to anyone in the world.

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LiveZorro is a mobile live-streaming app for users who prefer broadcasting anonymously. It is LIVE ONLY, no data saved after live broadcasts end.

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Live Gaming Platform

Mobile is not just simply another delivery channel for gaming. Today more and more users consume gaming exclusively on mobile devices, and CybEye Live Gaming Platform is optimized for iOS and Android environments.


Bing-Go is a location-based, game-styled live streaming app that allows users to find prizes at nearby business establishments.

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Live777 is a mobile live-streaming app that lets users instantly watch broadcasting of their favorite games and chat with the players they follow.

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Live Education Platform

Learning has no bounds. CybEye Live Education Platform is built with a mobile mindset to offer students a fulfilling and effective education experience any time, any place.


BingAcademy is a mobile live-streaming app for K-12 students. It offers a full K-12 Mobile Suite with blended learning functions in a comprehensive package. It offers training formats such as daily quiz, practice, mock test. It has a feature of “find a tutor” that matches individual student’s specific need.

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LiveCampus is a location-based live-streaming app to connect users to relevant academic resources.

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Boost SAT1600

BoostSAT1600 is a mobile live-streaming app offering live as well as replayable modes of tutorial broadcasts focusing on SAT topics such as math, English, Literature Comparison.

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Branding APP Platform

CybEye builds its own apps and implements a standardized / automated process for generating customized apps on independently deployed platforms across various industry verticals.



Fashion-Golf is a mobile live-streaming app for golf fans. It offers golf-related information and services including coaching, games, activities, etc.

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BearTV is a location-based live-streaming app based on sporting events. Sports enthusiasts can watch various live sports, games, trainings for free.

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AICCUS is mobile live streaming app for American International Chamber of Commerce, which is a non-profit international business organization of the world. 

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MBDASocal is a mobile video streaming app for MBDASocal members and staff. Users can broadcast internal meeting.

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MexChin Security

MexChin Security is a cloud-based mobile live streaming app themed “Chinese Security in Mexico” for members as well as non-members.

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Relentless is a live streaming app focusing on live streaming of Events, Seminars with interactive chat and video features.

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California Lifestyle

California Lifestyle is a location-based mobile live streaming app for the latest trends on California living.

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Miss Asia

Miss Asia is a mobile live-streaming app built for the Miss Asia International Pageant competition.

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YooYo is a location-based mobile live streaming app to find live streaming of tours around US,aims to promote bi-directional tourism between China and US.

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LiveMemo is a live-streaming app to connect everyone at your company and for you and your coworkers to collaborate.

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KyaLife is a cloud-based mobile live streaming app for Kyani distributors as well as non-members. User can watch live training sessions, seminars and other events, as well as join official chat rooms.

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PhoenixTV is a mobile live-streaming app for Phoenix Television which is a Hong-Kong based Mandarin and Cantonese-language broadcaster with substantial Chinese viewers.

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HTTV is a mobile live-streaming app for HTTV viewers. Users can use the APP to watch live broadcast of HTTV 62.3. They can also use the APP to post their own video content which can be published to public if it is approved by HTTV admin staff.

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SandraTV is a live streaming app showcasing interesting moments of Sandra Tung's fabulous social life.

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